Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway this weekend for Round Two! Come watch us play!

Ok, don't flame me too bad for borrowing that from the AMA. The GoFast-DontCrash team is ready and can't wait to get back to racing. We tested at Tally earlier this year when it was cold, wet, and snowing so a chance to ride this fun little track in the dry is making me anxious. Schedule is posted here.

This fun little course is known as a place where riders, teams and manufacturers do lots of testing so I woulnd't be surprised to see some of the faster guys in the country show up. That makes for good racing as Tim Hunt, Luie Z., and Jake Lewis aim to continue their awesome results from Roebling on their KWS Motorsports sponsored bikes.

Thanks to Tim Hunt I have the tools needed to follow in his foot steps and become a front runner in the novice class. I promise this weekend is going to be fun packed and have lots of excitement. So if you don't have plans or in the vacinity stop on by and watch us DO WORK!