Thursday, January 30, 2014

WERA NOLA/Mid Central Region Season Opener

I put in alot of work this offseason to prepare for my 2014 campaign. My motto is "2014 is my year"! I say it before I leave the house every morning. It showed at the track this past weekend for the season opener. I was focused on the task at hand and set goals for the weekend. The weather did not cooperate on Friday. I was stuck on the north side of Lake Ponchatrain (as so many others were stuck trying to get to the track). I would not even get to turn a lap on a brand new bike, which proved critical, not only in the first race, but the entire weekend. I was ready and took my warm up lap at race pace as usual. I was a little nervous launching this bike with no practice, but I got it right the first time and shot out of the starting grid. I had a solid lead exiting the esses, but pushed wide and clipped the curbing in the kink leading to turn 13. That sent me off into the wet grass. I was in 4th gear so carrying that much speed was too much and eventually I slid down the track for several hundred feet before coming to a stop. I was able to pick the bike up, retech and finish the race. B Superbike would be a different race. I led flag to flag but could hear those Daytona 675's behind me. C Superstock would be the main race and I was looking forward to a good battle. I would have one early on as me and Ron Rink would exchange the lead position a few times. Eventually, I would make the mistake of flicking the bike too hard from right to left in the cold conditions and lost the front in the esses. Again, I was lucky enough to pick the bike up and finish the race to keep my season goals of a championship alive. The final race of the day was B Superbike. It was cold and windy and the sun was dropping. In fact, I think I ran the last two laps in the dark and couldnt barely see. Kudos to the WERA crew and staff for getting 15 races in in just over 4 hours time. And also to the racers and cornerworkers for not causing any major delays.

I wouldnt consider that my best day of racing but it was still a step in the right direction. Sunday I wouldn't be able to finish any races due to a crash an injury. I feel really blessed. I feel like God's hands were over me this entire weekend. I know most people are wondering how can I think that way with three crashes and a separated shoulder. Well, if you have seen the video you know it could have been alot worse. A friend and competitor, Kurt Miller, told me Sunday afternoon, "The highest of highs are followed by the lowest of lows which are followed by the highest of highs."

I am not new to adversity and it's not new to me. This weekend is proof that you have to be mentally strong in this sport and prepared for anything. I have asked God to use me and especially through roadracing. And God did this weekend. Some might not get it, but it's really for me to get. When we ask God for something, we have to be mentally prepared for his answer. Fortunate for me, he answered in my favor while testing me to see if I am up to the challenge.

I have to thank the following people for their support: God, my parents, Chilipepper Racing,, Axo, Nexx, Vortex, Hotbodies, Spy, ReplayXD, Motul, Galfer, Lenny Albin, LPUSA

If anyone would like to donate to help me get back on track you can contact me directly to discuss via email:, cell 281-798-8086 or

or you can contact Chris Richardson and donate via the American Childhood Cancer Association and Chilipepper Racing.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 AMA Pro Racing Schedule Announced

There has been lots of chatter on the interweb about roadracing lately, mainly American Roadracing and it's current state. After much anticipation AMA Pro Racing finally released it's 2014 schedule. Lots of different angles and views have been discussed regarding the current schedule, or lack thereof. Rather you like it or not, it's simply all we have to work with for 2014, 5 rounds and possibly a sixth. Also new for 2014 are 2 day events versus 3 day events for two select rounds. (see below)

The 2014 AMA Pro Road Racing schedule is as follows:

March 13 - 15 - Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Fla.

May 30 - June 1 - Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wis.

June 21 - 22 - Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, Ala.*

July 19 - 20 - Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio*

September 13 - 14 - New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, N.J.*

* - These events will feature the two-day event schedule.

Like everyone else the offseason has been filled with struggles, concern, disappointment, and just about any other descriptive negative adjective you can input here. It's been tough to stay MOTOvated. While training the mind tends to marvel about whatever it is your training for. Almost always when it counts; at the end of a game or race, last lap, or the high banks of Daytona. Realistically it's been hard to stay focused when no sponsors are lining up to offset costs and help turn your dreams into reality. It’s a new year so there's supposed to be a new me. Those that know me know I always try to find the positive in any condition. It's been tough to do with the current state of roadracing in America. I apologize for being a sour apple in the tree. I cannot say it's going to be easier but I know that I will put in the work and God will provide the opportunities, because He always does. 2013 was certainly a difficult year for me. There was a time after crashes and mechanicals that I thought I was going to walk away. I distinctively remember a talk I had with a celebrity at NOLA. I recollect the words that were told to me. The career of a racer is a lot like the roller coaster of life. It has its ups and it has its downs, you gain some sponsors and you lose some. At the end of the day, it's only about what you have in you and how determined and mentally strong you are that makes you a winner or a loser. I can only confirm two rounds at 100% right now for 2014. We will do some testing and tuning on the new bike at NOLA for the WERA opener in January and then Daytona Bike week for the AMA Pro season opener, which used to be one of the greatest races in the world. I'm preparing like it still is and to me it will be. If I compete in those two rounds and do my best then I'll be a winner and will consider 2014 to be a success. I'll race every race, charge every corner and give it 100% on every lap like it's my last, because you never know when it will be.

I have set up a donation page. If you would like to support and help for the 2014 season you can do so by clicking here! Support can be given in many other ways, it does not have to be moneary. You can like or share social media posts and pictures, compliment a person on what they are doing, read their blogs (wink wink), or if you feel like you really want to show support without being biased, then come out to the races. Stand in line during the fan walk and get a picture taken with Cameron Beaubier, Josh Hayes, Martin Cardenas, or yours truly. I can honestly say it means a lot to us racers when we see fans at the track showing us support. That goes a long way. Another way to show support is by supporting the businesses that support us. Brand activation is what they are calling it these days. Any brand we promote is because we believe in that brand, so be sure to show loyalty by supporting those who make it possible for us to do what we love. I will be posting more about 2014 and who we have to thank for helping Go Fast Dont Crash get to the track.

Let's Go!