Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Miller Motorsports Park/WERA National Round Three Race Report

Round 3 of the WERA Nationals was held at Miller Motorsports Park outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. It was set up to be an awesome weekend of racing as the National riders invaded Tooele, Utah to challenge the WERA West and MOM riders. Friday and Saturday were both the kind of days we dream about back in Texas. Mid 70's mostly sunny and low humidity. Friday's practice brought a surprise as the trackday fee was $230 not the $200 advertised price. (OUCH) And to make things even more interesting they combined the street group with the slower (novice) race bikes. The trackday wasn't a successful one until Tim Hunt gave me a tow in the afternoon and showed me some lines. After that I worked on a few turns where I needed to gain some time and felt good when I left the track on Friday night.

Sunday Funday:
If you ask those around me I had a swagger I had not had before. I believe this was a day of destiny confirmed by something I seen on television before I left the hotel. (Joel Osteen) I knew the rain was to make this a better story. It wasn't easy and nothing seemed to be going my way. Dunlop was out of rain tires, but Tim Hunt came through and I was able to get a set from him. Time was running out and I got two laps of practice on rains for my first time. Tim has the first race of the day and after dominating the race he came in and gave me a few pointers. I asked one more question about the start. After he gave me my answer I knew my time was here! Race 4 & 5 were combined which meant I got to go 6 laps instead of 4 and was in the race with Jake Lewis and Garrett Gerloff. I was hoping to not get lapped. LOL As the green flag dropped so did my fist on the throttle. I got the holeshot and wasn't challenged down the mile long straightaway. I tipped into Turn 1 very gently. When I noticed there were no other bikes around me I knew my dream had come true. Controlling my breathing/emotions for 6 laps was the biggest challenge I would face. For the first time ever, I led a race for an entire lap/race. Coming on to the front straightaway I seen my team and friends standing there cheering me on. At one point I began catching and passing experts. One guy didn't want to let me by so I waited patiently, but I got the sign from my team that someone was closing on me, so I dropped the hammer again and in a heart filled with emotions, I crossed the finish line where I believe I should every time, in 1st place. C Superbike didn't go as well. After talking to Dan Crawford who just came off the track and tore up some rain tires, I opted to go for DOT's. The weather had been so unpredictable it was 50-50 on which tires to run. I had a 3rd row start because the Wera West and MOM guys got first priority on the grids. I still managed to get into second place and tried to make a pass for the lead in the 'attitudes', but the dot's were slipping and sliding and I almost took us both out. The rain started coming down harder and the decision was made by race control to not stop the race. I fell back to 7th place and finished there. It was all I could do not to crash out. I just changed tires and only had the warmers on for a few seconds and the pressures werent right. It was like being on ice. My problem wasn't on the exit of the turns as much on on entry.
All in all it was an awesome weekend! I have to first say thank you to GOD, because he really blessed me this weekend-I was able to give my mom the plaque and my dad a win on Father's day. My father passed away before my first race at Oak Hill. My sister who also came in town had text me the night before saying she loved me and go win a race, I DID! 2011 was all about this moment, it was all about faith and I can honestly say that when I woke up Sunday morning I knew I was going to win that race and nothing would stop me, including rain! I don't say that to be cocky or arrogant, it is a more divine statement that is brought about by me getting closer to living the right way. I know with The Almighty Lord as my savior, that everything is possible if only I can dream it. With that said. "Winning is very addicting and I will be back on the top step very soon!"

The team would also like to announce it's new sponsor Malavicious Entertainment. ME represents a way of life that's defined by a shared passion for motorcycles. It works to encourage riders to explore the world and their own potential while fostering the cameradie between motorcycle enthusiasts.

To all my sponsors who make racing possible:
Tim Hunt-Apex Race Services, Larry Ray-Track Junkie Racing, Dunlop Tires, EBC Brakes, Optimal Bodywork, GoFast-DontCrash, Matt Ting-Ting, Malavicious Entertainment

We now lead C Superstock by 19 points and trail first place in C Superbike by one point.

Sitting on the WOrld Superbike Stage soaking in my first race win.

The hardware.