Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seize the moment boyz! Texas racers invade Las Vegas today!

CMRA racers Alonzo Contreras, Eddie Thornton, Jose Silva and Jeff Kulchinski are among those few who are priviledged to be on the race track today.  With Talladega being one week away! I couldn't sleep.

Alonzo Contreras is a multi novice champion as well as Rookie Expert champion. He plans on doing some AMA and WERA rounds this season to get more exposure.

Eddie Thornton was a top novice last year and rode both an R1 and R6. He should be a force after being bumped up to the expert class and follow in the foot steps of Blake Cochran and Alonzo Contreras as first year experts who get on the podium.

Jose Silva, still looking for his first win after being disqualified at CMRA's final round on Halloween day. He is young and talented and is considered by many to be one of the front runners in the Novice class this year.

Jeff Kulchinski, switched to an SV 650 in the middle of last year and has seemed to really come in tune with it. He should be on top of the podium this year, ALOT!

Seize the moment boyz! If you have a chance to make a pass, go for it, because you may never get it again!

Warning! Please have your leathers on and helmet strapped tight before watching the video!

video was provided by: Travis Goodman

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