Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mat Mladin-Inside the Champ

Mat Mladin, former AMA Superbike Champion is the focus today. Mat self-admittedly was not the most gifted rider, but he knew what it took mentally to stay on top of his competition. Sometimes being able to pysch out his competitors before the race even began.

"Talent doesn't mean a thing." That's a quote from 7 time AMA champion Mat Mladin as he talks about the difference between those 2 or 3 tenths of a second.  know I am not the most gifted rider, but I think the preparation and conversations I have had with Tim Hunt have aligned me with what Mat Mladin is saying in this video. Talladega is only two days away, and the preparation is just beginning.

Stay tuned for the exclusive unveiling of the bike at Talladega Gran Prix Raceway.

We have seen great success with the blog and website since we launched last week. I want to say thank you to all my fans, followers, sponsors and supporters. Without you we are nothing!

and yes the power outtages keep affecting our blog today so I kept it short and simple
be sure to watch the entire 14 part series of Mat Mladin behind the scenes at

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  1. Cant wait to watch all of these. Im a big Mat Mladin fan!
    Larry Ray
    Track Junkie Racing